White Fields Community Church expands food pantry.

Longmont-based White Fields Community Church announced that it has expanded its food pantry, which is known as Table of Hope, and is serving more residents in need.

“We have relocated the pantry to a much larger area in our building, and are now open; however, only a very small amount of people are coming in to get food and help,” church spokeswoman Angela Scohy wrote in the announcement.

Table of Hope Food Pantry volunteers, from left, Kendra Cito, Lisa Criger and Sara Betsch, fill a box with food items for a family in need on Friday at White Fields Community Church in Longmont. (Timothy Hurst/Staff Photographer)

Table of Hope food pantry, which began last fall, serves Longmont as well as southwest Weld County residents and is at 2950 Colorful Ave. in Longmont.

“It was really something that had been talked about for a while, amongst the leadership of White Fields Community Church. And so finally we kind of got somebody who had some energy and said hey let’s get this going,” food pantry spokeswoman Kendra Cito said Monday.

She also said the church had been discussing the improved food pantry since before the COVID-19 pandemic began and it sprung from the church’s desire to serve the community in a better way. She also said the church wanted to provide residents with more than just food, “not just the tangible food items but also spiritual offerings — to be an ear and offering prayer if they are comfortable doing so.”

Residents will receive a food box each week based on their household size and currently offers nonperishable and staple food items until they see more residents utilizing their services to prevent food from spoiling, Cito said.

Items that can be found in the food boxes include:

  • beans — dry or canned
  • peanut butter
  • jelly
  • fruit — canned and fresh
  • oatmeal or Cheerios
  • bread or tortillas
  • noodles or rice
  • tomato sauce or spaghetti sauce
  • potatoes — fresh or dried
  • veggies — frozen or canned
  • soup or stew — canned
  • mac & cheese
  • hamburger, tuna or chicken — canned
  • diapers and wipes if requested

Cito said the church soon would like to add fresher food items and maybe help families experiencing hospitalization by giving them food boxes with foods that are easy to prepare.

“We’re reaching out to families that are in the hospital that can’t get to the grocery store or are worried about the financial burden that they’ll have to get food but can’t because they’re spending all their time at the hospital and when they get home are too tired,” Cito said. She said it’s their hope that other community members could help by delivering these food boxes to these families in the future.

Read the full article on Times-Call newspaper below.


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Our mission is to extend a helping hand empowered by the love of Jesus to Longmont and SW Weld County by providing residents in need with nutritious food, the ability to become more self-sufficient and hope for their future.

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